About the blogger

Now a  trainee teacher, Nicola Rieger is a former aid worker who has held posts with organisations like Christian Aid, Plan, Medair, the International Committee of the Red Cross and the UN. UK-based posts have taken her to countries across Central and South America, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sierra Leone and Uganda, among others, and she has held field postings in El Salvador, Jordan, Sudan, Colombia and Afghanistan respectively.

Nicky digests the emotions and stresses of daily work and life by writing. She enjoys nature as a way of reconnecting with the beauty of God’s creation and is passionate about photography as an additional  tool for capturing impressions of life and the world around her

Nicky hopes to eventually upload a range of letters and photographs from her past travels to this website, but looking for materials in folders and email archives may take her some time.

5 thoughts on “About the blogger

  1. Dear Nicky,

    I came across your piece in The Guardian “The pain of leaving communities you love burns a hole in your heart”. I want to thank you for sharing such a vulnerable and moving story. You are brave for exposing much of what many in your line of work are too ashamed to express. I commend you for taking the often times more difficult path for aid workers – taking time and space for self-care and recovery. I hope others will be encouraged by your example and prioritize personal wellbeing.
    All the best,
    Anita Colombara

  2. Hello – I found your blog after reading an article on The Guardian – “The pain of leaving communities you love burns a whole in your heart”. I wanted to thank you for writing that and for your candidness.

    I have worked in disaster relief all over the world now for six years and I could relate to everything you said.

    You seem to really have a grasp on how to mentally get away or refresh…even while acknowledging the reality of what you have seen and experienced. That is pretty remarkable. Most of the people on my team present like nothing is wrong or simply don’t know what to do with the emotions, thoughts, memories, guilt, etc.

    Thank you again.

    Have a great day!

  3. Good afternoon Nicky, hope the rest of your trip is going well. You have some beautiful photos and great memories and especially avoiding a ticket from our wonderful policeman 🙂 Travel safe 🙂 From Denise & family in Hamilton.

  4. Hi Nicky, firstly was so nice to finally meet you was a great tonic for Pete, Hoping you have enjoyed the rest of your travels around NZ and taking home some good memories. Will stay in touch take care be safe.

    Arohanui to you Nicky.

    Barb G.xo

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