A (rather simplistic) Good Friday promise (April 2019)


When the sun’s shining brightly, and the going is smooth,

When, obedient, I skip through my life.

When kindness comes easy and witness just flows

Without any worry or strife.

Then I feel optimistic, have a spring in my step

And I think, “Guess I’m doing okay:

I am following His path and am building His kingdom

And no one can take that away!”

Then I feel Jesus watch me with a smile on His face:

“Keep going, my child, don’t get stuck.

You are precious to me, and I sing over you.

Just remember: I died for your muck.”


Then, on those crippling days when the going gets tough,

When, exhausted, I slam the front door,

When guilt and shame overcome me

And appearances matter no more.

When memories flood in of those manifold times

When I could have done good and then failed;

When a kind word was needed, not impatience, not wrath;

Yet-lazy or hardened-I bailed.

Then, as I lay down in my room all alone,

Overwhelmed, aggrieved, weighed down by fears,

Downtrodden, ashamed, not forgiving myself,

Too exhausted to fight back the tears…….


…..Suddenly Love stills the storm with a flash flood of light,

And I feel a hand lifting my face,

Stroke my cheek, dry my tears, break the darkness of night

By covering my guilt with His grace.


And I hear a voice whisper (through the enemy’s lie

That I should not believe in my luck):

“Oh my child, chosen darling, for you I gave all.

Remember: I died for your muck.”



 © NR 19th April 2019

Written after Soul Survivor Watford’s Good Friday reflection; inspired by my own internal battles on Maundy Thursday 2019, when Jesus lifted me up, once again, from a place of shame and a sense of worthlessness and wrapped me anew in His unfailing love.