The New Zealand Diaries: a normal night near Oban’s rugby pitch-a kiwi’s tale

A normal night on Oban’s rugby pitch: a kiwi’s tale

I have to say they are odd, these humans. I thought that they are busy during the day and then go to sleep at night because that is when they are tired (the reverse of myself and the family, though all of us here on Stewart Island are more adventurous than our cousins on the mainland- we do go out during the day when it is quiet enough). But sometimes they don’t seem to go to sleep at all, these humans and behave very strangely instead.

Tonight, for example, just as my friends and I were heading out for our breakfast near the rugby pitch, on that nice little path called the Raroa Walk where we used to have such nice undisturbed breakfast outings, I started seeing a lot of random women and men turning up on the rugby pitch and then on the track. They did not seem to know each other, though some were in pairs, others in small groups..but they all seemed to be looking for something -the same thing-but could not find it. They were saying things to each other like “any luck?” or “what is the trick with this?” or giving each other weird thumbs -down signs…..some even said hello to each other loudly….made my ears ring so much that I felt my nostrils itch….such vibrations!!
They do really behave strangely.They have these little lights on their heads and in their hands which they turn on and off……it is really irritating as I just like the dark and  don’t need their help with finding insects….on the contrary…..peace and quiet would help more with that than those funny lights.
And peace and quiet around here-ah, when did we last get this?! Its odd with these humans. They do seem to be trying to be quiet but at the same time they are soooo not…some of them walk really gently, but others-my word! For example, tonight a group of 5 people walked past-honestly, it was like the elephants’ march in The Jungle Book. They made the ground wobble so much that all of us hid further away in the bushes…….the shaking and the shuffling noises they make with their shoes just do not make for a relaxed breakfast. I feel sorry for them-I really do-as they are clearly not finding what they are looking for, but with that noise they must be scaring away whatever it is. I wish someone would tell them that-so odd, they are supposed to be intelligent but this behaviour does not seem so clever to me.
 It is also strange that they all turn up in the same place at the same time…..I wonder what they have been told about this place. I mean, yes, we all know that the All Blacks are pretty brilliant but don’t they know that there are no rugby games on at this time?
Oh well. Not really my business.  I do feel sorry for them-most of them seem so keen to find whatever it is they are looking for. But I sure am not going to let that spoil my brekkie. I will just retreat further into the bush and come back out to the rugby pitch later, when these poor treasure hunters have all gone to bed.