The New Zealand Diaries: a lake experience by full immersion (10/01/16)

Well I have just had the second coldest bathing experience in my life (the frontrunner continues to be my morning showers in the wintery Nuristani mountains of Afghanistan in December 2005, when I was helping out with elections monitoring (more about that in a future blog). The venue for my afternoon bath (no shower at the campsite this morning) was this gorgeous picnic area by the shores of Lake Wakatipa, which is the huge water mass to which Queenstown has also snuggled up to. Apart from the short stretch from Wanaka to Queenstown this morning, during which I was treated to more views of the golden hills and vineyards of Central Otago as well as a sighting of a glorious waterfall called “Roaring Meg” I have been driving alongside this lake which, like so many others, is gloriously blue, with multiple shades depending on where you are. I keep having to stop and stare-consequently, my progress today is, once again, slow. I think I stopped over for longer than planned to watch some bunghy jumpers and can safely say that I have NO urge WHATSOEVER to try that one out!!!!!

I did try to drive and park in Queenstown to go for a burger at a famous burger place but the experience was not much fun………I could not find parking, there were tourists everywhere and it was crowded and overrun. So I refuelled my little camper,which is guzzling fuel like you would not believe, and then drove out, finding my peace gradually restored as life regained its natural feel……it was odd seeing a set of traffic lights for the first time in weeks.

So instead of that burger, I have now had a nice cheese sandwich and am enjoying a warming cup of tea after my icey cold dip …….it does not help that the winds are so strong today……you are cold both in and outside the lake but I feel beautifully clean and refreshed now 😀 and have enjoyed my little excursion right into this beautiful spot of nature.

I am heading on now to Te Anau near Milford and Doubtful Sound….I have booked my Milford Sound trip for tomorrow as the weather forecast is good….I am hopeful that the boat trip will not be too bad as a result. In the afternoon I will be exploring some glow worm caves… lots of excitement lies ahead.IMG_0339