The New Zealand Diaries: blown away (09/01/16-part 3)

…and just when, after my lovely time on Haast Beach, I did not think it could get any better, God literally pulled out all the stops for me and showered me with one amazing view after the other!!!!  I have to say tonight the  beauty of all I saw almost made me cry with emotion and joy.

As I drove on and it got later and the sun started to set, the light became more intense as it usually does at this time of day……and so the trees, flowers and green fields dotted with sheep and cows, which  I passed in the valleys of the Haast Pass, looked so sharp my eyes could scarce take it in. Crystal clear, icey blue rivers streaming through valleys-sometimes overlooked by snowcapped mountains; open lush land providing a feast for deer and sheep-all with a clear blue sky as a backdrop.  My short walk to the Blue Pools allowed me to see more birds (fantails, chaffinches and others)  while a bellbird sung its evening song in the background; and the blue pools lived up to their name…..they were so blue I could scarcely believe it and you could see right to the bottom they were so clear. I am sure that I would have seen trout in there had it not been for a group of tourists who were having fun swimming in there….I was tempted myself but as it was getting late I preferred, reluctantly, to hit the road again.

Further down the road, I turned round a bend and suddenly a bright blue lake-Lake Wanaka-stretched out before me, its water rippling in the winds which were picking up, their blue highlighted even more by the lush greenery around. Just a short while later, having torn myself away from there, I turned round another bend to find a view of Lake Howea welcoming me which was so awesome that I cried out loud with joy in the  car.  (This place is turning me into a right weirdo!!!). The sun had begun to set and so the surrounding hills and lake shores were bathed in golden light and the water were so blue my eyes could scarcely believe it. The photo will look as if I have photo-shopped it but it is all natural and looked even more beautiful in reality. I continued gasping for breath as I drove on, the lake changing colour as I drove along while the sun sunk deeper and deeper and the light changed. Deer , sheep and cows grazed peacefully, oblivious to their five star dining experience on hills overlooking the lake and on its shores…… Every view, every sight, every sound was uniquely precious and glorious.

By the time I reached Wanaka, the winds had picked up so I was glad to find a basic campsite where I could rest my head which was spinning with memories of the multi-facetted beauty of our creation…..these pictures will be stored in the eyes of my mind and in the depths of my soul forever.