The New Zealand Diaries: Happy New Year (31/12/15)

Strange to think that in just a few minutes, 2016 will start for me here in Rotorua, when so many friends and loved ones are still 12 hours or more away from the fireworks and from the clock striking midnight. I am cosy in my campervan, having just rearranged it a bit to try  sleeping on the bottom bunk  (which seems a bit more comfortable) and also to explore space options for when Lucy joins me for a few days (possibly) on the South Island.  Outside, the camp site is surprisingly quiet -I had expected there to be raving parties going on everywhere and I do expect that at midnight there will be noise and fireworks; that said, many people were already wandering around in their PJs when I got back from my Maori experience, so I am clearly not the only oddball here who wants to try and get a good night’s sleep rather than get hammered at some random New Year’s Eve bash.

2015 will wave good-bye quietly and 2016 meet me here in New Zealand. I look back on 2015 with thankfulness in my heart and also some melancholy…the year has brought me so much, but has also showered me with changes. Although I have already made my choice about which path to take, there are still many unknowns around the corner. Then again, isn’t life always a bit like that? Perhaps  as we go about our daily routine, we are simply unaware of just how much uncertainty there is in our lives and simply take it for granted that the next moments will bring what we expect. It is only when major choices have to be made, tough decisions face us or when we say good bye to seasons in our lives that we are really aware of how much of our daily existence is about trusting, savouring every moment, deriving joy out of all that life brings us and about knowing that our intrinsic gifts, our values, our passions are deeply rooted in us no matter what happens……

As expected, fireworks are beginning to go off outside (I think they are early but perhaps my watch is slow?) ……and so I want to sign off by saying “thank you” for the abundant joys and blessings in my life;  for good health, a loving family, fantastic friends and new relationships formed in 2015 which I look forward to enjoying further in 2016.Thanks to you all for being part of my journey and sharing with me the way you do.

Happy New Year-whenever it may start for you 😀